школа арктического дизайна
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Contemporary experiences of the Arctic are adventure + conquest + technologies, where adventure is an objective reality and a key characteristic of the environment; conquest is action to respond adequately to the essence of the region, while technology is a means enabling this action to be realized.
Семинар в Школе Арктического дизайна в феврале 2021 г.
In the arctic conditions, man relies of technology, which is more vulnerable than in other climates and is more difficult to maintain and repair resulting in growing psychological tension in the user. These practical problems give rise to a research challenge: what kind of man-made environment should there be for the Arctic, its technological and esthetic characteristics? With reference to the professional specifics of design: how should the special «Arctic materiality» should be designed, including industrial facilities which should support and protect human life while causing no damage to the nature?
For design professionals, this means that arctic adventure cannot be regarded a «specific case» for design practice; it is an independent area in its own right. Hence, there is little rationale in using existing design principles, methods and techniques developed and tested in moderate climatic conditions.

This section presents key notions of Arctic design and specialized methods of designing for extreme environments.
Method of composition keys
Factors method
Co-authorship method
The triad of design methods developed in the course of the study encompasses various scales and «spheres of influence» in design for extreme environments: – this is progression from external superficial transformation of a one-off thing (method of keys) to the development of a geographically confined and locally rooted system of objects (factor method) and, ultimately, facilitation of locally appropriate and accepted technologies and equipment improving human life (co-authorship method). These methods may be used separately or constructed into a «road map» to a new, more attractive lifestyle – a new culture of living in remote, sparsely populated areas with a severe climate.
Here are the key concepts, phrases and main categories of Arctic design, accompanied by examples from projects and publications Schools of Northern design. The list is being updated.