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The educational activity of Arctic Design School is aimed at training academic research specialists in the field of design with interdisciplinary vision of issues and opportunities for the Russian North’s development.
The workplace for such specialists can be either in institutions for higher education and academic research, or consulting and project companies, analytic center, institutions of local and state government. The defining feature of the educational process are close relations between studying and researching.

Student’s involvement in research activities and elaboration of research and design skills start in senior courses of the bachelor’s programme and continue in studio format during the master’s degree programme. Special courses are developed for these purposes: “Fundamentals of Research Activity for Designers”, “Field Studies in Design”, “Preparation of Academic Articles”. The approach has been tested on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the Design faculty in the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, and is appropriate for students and graduates of other subject areas. Separate courses could be beneficial not only for designers, but for specialists in a wide range of technical and social fields.

Arctic Design school constantly conducts research seminars for master’s degree and doctoral students. Invited speakers from russian and foreign universities and research centres participates in the seminars.
Seminar in february 2021 г.
2021 г.
Lecture on Fields Studies with further discussion. Invited speaker: Ilya Abramov, research fellow, Centre of Ethnosystems History and Archeology Institute Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
April 2021 г.
February – May 2021 г.
A series of seminars on discussing design concepts: transport, equipment, city. Invited participants: Leonid Salmin, PhD, Professor of Design Faculty, USUAA; Dr. Nikolay Korgin, Head of Laboratory of Active Systems, Institute of Control Sciences Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; staff members of WolfGangCustoms Company and E-max Laboratory.
February 2021 г.
Preparation for Scientific Conferences seminar. Discussants: Svetlana Kravchuk, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Siberian Design Centre, National Research Tomsk State University; Nikolay Garin, PhD, Professor of Design Faculty, USUAA; Leonid Salmin, PhD, Professor of Design Faculty, USUAA.
September 2020 г.
“Arctic Design: identification and formalisation of coordinating interests issues”, Invited Speakers: Dr. Nikolay Korgin, Head of Laboratory of Active Systems, Institute of Control Sciences Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; Vladimir Sergeev, doctoral student, Laboratory of Active Systems.
“Arctic Design. Researchers Training Specifics”. Invited participants: Dr. Konstantin Ivshin, Head of Design Department, Design and Art Institute, Udmurt State University; doctoral students of USUAA, research fellows in Siberian Design Centre, Anastasia Kazantceva and Kristina Gidion.
August 2020 г.
Seminar in April 2021 г.
Summer Internship in the Laboratory of Arctic Design is an opportunity to productively spend four weeks with a group of researchers and academics of one of the leading departments in the field of design in Russia.
Currently there is an internship programme on the base of Arctic Design School for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of any major fields. The programme implicates further opportunities for participating in expeditions, scientific and art events. Plan of the Internship:
The programme of the internship is targeted on undergraduate (senior courses), graduate and postgraduate students.
The enrolment in all research directions of the laboratory is based on competition. Internships are conducted on individual programme under supervision of one of the fellow labourer of Arctic Design School. Funding of participation in scientific events during the following academic year can be considered based on the results of the internship.
The first internship was conducted in summer 2018: 3 students of bachelor’s programme in design got acquainted with design-research methods, worked with archives and performed a creative processing of the retrieved data. During the following academic year two participants of the internship presented the results on Design Principles and Practices International conference, and became coauthors of an article in an international peer-reviewed academic journal.
There are no age restrictions.
With all enquires on the internship please contact the Head of Arctic Design School Svetlana Kravchuk.
The network was established by the Council of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) in 2010 and has been working across all the Circumpolar region. The exhibition is arranged in a mobile format, meaning it is easily transportable to different physical conditions, for instance, in public spaces of galleries in the universities participating in the ASAD network and other interested organisations. For these purposes the variety of accepted media types is limited to photos, digital graphics, digital visualisation and videos.

The first Arctic Makes exhibition took place in 2020 online and brought together 29 artists from 10 countries, promote the widest possible understanding of the topic of Arctic-evoked creativity and inventiveness inspired by harsh environmental conditions.

In 2021 the second Arctic Makes exhibitions was held online, dedicated to the topic of remoteness. Arctic Design School together with Arctic Art Institute (Arkhangelsk) and Murmansk Arctic State University and University, Russia of Lapland, Finland became the organisers. The Arctic Makes II was occasioned with International Arctic Social Sciences Association ICASS, where a special thematic direction on sustainable art and design was organised, which offered an opportunity for researchers in this field to contribute in multidisciplinary discussion about arctic challenges and changes.
“Arctic Makes” so an annual international exhibition of results in educational and artistic activities, conducted by the laboratory in terms of fellowship in Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design Thematic Network (ASAD).
International summer school
An International summer school for art and design researchers is lined up on regular bases in collaboration with University of Lapland. The programme is currenty under development.
Program under development